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Successful Work Team

At PAFT we work together with our customers to come up with the best warehousing and logistics solutions not only to match but to exceed our clients needs. We review the whole supply chain process at our customers' premises and provide alternative criteria in terms of workable solutions at the right budget.


Business Brainstorm

Handling Tools:

      Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

      Steel Pallets

      Export Pallets

      IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

      Pallet Boxes and Cages

      Plastic Sheet Separators

      Crates and Boxes

Supply Chain Solutions:

      Consultancy Services

      Traceability Solutions - RFID

      End Of Line Equipment

      Warehousing Racking and Storage Solutions

      Material Handling and Storage Equipment

WPC - Wood Plastic Composite

      Flooring, Fences and Pergolas


The Supply Chain Experts


Go Team

Managing Director:                Ahmed Alhakeem


Commercial Director:           Mohamed Ghander

Projects Supervisor:             Hadir Tarik 

Project Engineer:                   Abdelrahman Hassan

Project Engineer:                   Amr Selim

Production:                             Khaled Ali

Accounting:                            Ismail Ramis

Warehousing:                        Tamer AbuElmagd

Procurement:                        Muataz Elatroush

Admin:                                    Rana Ahmed

Legal:                                      Mostafa Azzam