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   7000 years ago, ancient Egyptians used different designs of wood skids to transport heavy items. In fact, that is how the Pyramids themselves were built.  For thousands of years later nothing changed. About 100 years ago (in the 1920’s) the techniques for moving heavy items began to evolve.  The first move was to load items on pallets


   The late 1930’s witnessed another major step forward that made the use of pallets more practical thus driving them into wider usage.  In 1938, George Raymond filed for a patent for a new pallet jack design with essential features that are still in use today. Then, in 1939 the next notable patent, applied for by Carl Clark, presented a pallet with steel stringers. The design of 4-way pallets was next with US standards in 1949, followed by Euro standards in 1960. Throughout the decades the only material used for the purpose of constructing pallets was wood.


   1999 was the year the witnessed the next major technological advance in this field with the advent of Plastic pallets – more durable, can carry far more payloads and much more hygienic.

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