Packaging Applications & Future Technologies


7000 years ago, ancient Egyptians used different designs of wood skids to transport heavy items. In fact, that is how the Pyramids themselves were built.  For thousands of years later nothing changed. About 100 years ago (in the 1920’s) the techniques for moving heavy items began to evolve.  The first move was to load items on pallets


The late 1930’s witnessed another major step forward that made the use of pallets more practical thus driving them into wider usage.  In 1938, George Raymond filed for a patent for a new pallet jack design with essential features that are still in use today. Then, in 1939 the next notable patent, applied for by Carl Clark, presented a pallet with steel stringers. The design of 4-way pallets was next with US standards in 1949, followed by Euro standards in 1960. Throughout the decades the only material used for the purpose of constructing pallets was wood.


1999 was the year the witnessed the next major technological advance in this field with the advent of Plastic pallets – more durable, can carry far more payloads and much more hygienic.

PAFT was established in 2010 and then acquired 100% in 2018 by Eng. Ahmed Alhakeem, a pre-eminent expert in the field of Supply Chain, as an Egyptian company based in a modern industrial zone only a few miles away from the Giza Pyramids which was but one of the inspirations for establishing the Company.  

Our vision: Be one of the world-wide leaders in driving the future of packaging technologies.

Our mission:  Enable our clients, from the Gulf to the Atlantic, to store ever higher payloads in cost effective, hygienic ways while allowing for effortless traceability. 


To bring our Vision and Mission to reality, we started with basic transport items such as pallets, crates and bulk containers e.g. IBCs and Gallon racks. These are the items we decided to manufacture for long life multiple usage. All our products are designed to handle extreme loads of up to 10 tons and reusability over up to 10 years for several items.  


Our next major technological move was to partner with RF Rain, a worldwide leader and innovator in RIFD traceability solutions in order to equip all our products with rigid RFID tags in very safe enclosures that achieves the virtually effortless traceability. 


PAFT product lineup is now ready to be the basic platform for our clients to migrate from destructible, costly, non-traceable wood pallets to long life, cost effective, easily traceable and recyclable pallets. This will allow our clients to transform their traditional supply chain systems to a modern click of a button platform that provides instant inventory and updated dashboards.


Our next ambition is to allow for traceability of not only the pallets but also to the items on top of the pallets (i.e. to level of cartons and pieces) even in the densest production, storage and shipping areas. 


Having the superior traceability technologies will allow PAFT soon to provide solutions such as gates control, employees access, visitors, assets and vehicles tracking. 


PAFT was founded and is led by Engineer Ahmed Alhakeem, a graduate of American University – Cairo with a corporate career of 22 years (P&G, Juhayna, DHL) in senior positions in Supply Chain.  Since 2015 Mr. Alhakeem has provided consultancy to c. 50 major Egyptian and Regional companies through his association with Outpace Consultancy.

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